Shenzhen Jamry Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. located in the economic center of the city --- Shenzhen, China. Set clean, sterile rooms of professional cleaning equipment design, manufacturing, sales, installation services of high-tech enterprises. The size of the South China region the largest and advanced clean technology manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, China clean technology branch members of the Institute of Electronics, Guangdong famous brands .


We has a team of skilled equipment and advanced production equipment, in strict accordance with domestic and international industry standard for professional cleaning of production equipment, according to U.S. Federal FS209E standard, ISO14644-1 standard and the State Pharmaceutical GMP standard production. We are main products include:air shower, shower goods, modular clean studio, clean air supply unit (FFU), all types ( Crude, Middle and High ) efficiency filter, clean bench, hand dryers, transfer window, move the type ...(more)



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